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industrial concrete coatings

Epoxy and Polyurea coatings for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Concrete Coatings for industrial spaces

Our epoxy and polyurea system stands out as the #1 concrete coating for industrial spaces. Integrity Concrete Coatings will assist with overall project design and install in just one day!

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Polyurea is 100% antibacterial, antimicrobial, and easy to clean.
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Withstands the sun's damaging rays for a finish that lasts for years.
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Non-porous, slip and skid resistant to eliminate accidents and workplace injuries.
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4X stronger than standard epoxy with twice the adhesion for long lasting floors.

Industrial Coating Applications

Industrial concrete floor coatings increase the safety of your industrial space. From the non-porous, antibacterial properties of both epoxy and polyurea to the non-slip functionality, concrete floor coatings can reduce the risk of injury or sickness for your manufacturing or warehouse workers.

Industrial concrete floor coatings are also excellent for extending the lifespan of your concrete floor. Warehouse floors undergo incredible stress, especially if you are driving vehicles and have extensive foot traffic. Over the years, concrete floors crack, chip, and deteriorate, posing safety risks to those that have to walk on them. Having your industrial concrete floors coated will increase their durability and reduce the possibility of injuries or accidents.

Industrial Epoxy


No matter what your warehouse’s function is, our epoxy and polyurea concrete coatings will withstand heavy equipment, machinery, and storage units.

Manufacturing Floor Coatings

Manufacturing flooring

Manufacturing facilities require the strength to endure heavy traffic as well as the ability to resist spills and cracks. Facilities with concrete coatings have these benefits and more.

Industrial Business Flooring

Production Plant Flooring

Production plant facilities require sanitary and non-slip flooring. Coating your concrete floors will meet these requirements and provide an easy to clean surface.

Industrial Warehouse Flooring

Shipping &

Increase the safety of your shipping and processing facility with our epoxy and polyurea system. Anti-skid and anti-slip concrete coatings can prevent accidents that could interrupt your productivity.

Airplane Hangar Concrete Coatings

Airport -
Airplane Hangar

Personal airport hangar as well as commercial airport concrete coatings are superior to polished concrete. With resistance to UV rays and oil or fuel spills, your flooring will outlast other epoxy coatings.

Commercial Office Flooring

Office/Business Flooring

Hospitals, medical offices, industrial office areas, and more are choosing our epoxy and polyurea concrete coating for its anti-microbial, easy-cleaning, and slip resistant properties among others.

Why Epoxy & Polyurea?

While many business favor epoxy coating, the best concrete floor coating is a polyurea concrete floor coating. While epoxy can take a few days to be installed, polyurea can be installed in one single day. This means that your warehouse or production facility only has to stop working for one day while our technicians make it safer and cleaner with a polyurea concrete floor coating.

Our epoxy and polyurea floor coating system for industrial spaces are also perfect because they are four times stronger than standard epoxy. This means that when heavy equipment is dropped, you won’t have to worry about damaged concrete. Epoxy and polyurea floor coatings are also completely microbial and bacteria resistant, meaning that your facilities can be safer and healthier for both the workers and the consumers of your products.

The benefits are endless...

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